nj or bust

September 23rd, 2007

we had such a lovely evening
in south orange at the svanes’
beautiful new home.
thank you!

ps – not many people dare
invite a family of 6 for dinner.
they are courageous souls,
torkel & suzi,
and we’re very grateful.

September 22nd, 2007

passports, check
extra batteries, check

we draw the line at canned goods.

in other words,
we’re going to NJ this afternoon.

we’ll let you know when we
return safely.

September 22nd, 2007

remembering a happy week with mom and dad:

sound of music urban-style

i think it’s better that i don’t speak german
while enjoying this bit of ikea tv
(click on ‘dann klick hier’ and then on ‘zur show’)
make sure you see robert walking on the conveyor belt.
brilliant ridiculousness.


September 22nd, 2007

on an overcast saturday morning:

1. cory, henry & ethan painting plaster bugs in the back yard
2. betsy sweeping the deck
3. nathan building a ‘moving space platform’ for
express use on the moon with ‘every lego in the bucket’
which could take awhile
4. caroline playing dress up with jane upstairs
5. i’m not going to tell you what i’m doing right now because
it will sound like a pity party.
(you know the tune, laundrylaundrydishescleanup…
and obviously i’ve taken a break to hug my mac & type this to you)

so i’ll tell you the before-10:38am-part of my morning
which included a happy breakfast out back with the fam,
go tell it on the mountain‘ as the morning’s hymn,
watching the children howl over youtube excerpts of old
muppets videos that cory found
(swedish chef, buster doing barbara streisand, etc) and
enjoying some ephesians.

ps – a gajillion thanks to carrie love
(or ‘carrie lovely‘ as harry so aptly christened her)
for making yesterday so, well, lovely.

pps – and cjl also showed me what i’m missing on youtube -
flight of the conchords excerpts + demetri martin comedy.
i needed a good laugh.

ppps – karen, you angel you. thank you.

pppps – happy birthday, houston & hank

and the skinny on mr. skinny:
he made it to work 4 out of 5 days, all but yesterday,
about 3 hrs each day.
yesterday was 90% horizontal + 98% nauseated.
today might be better than yesterday.

eat my words

September 21st, 2007

who was i just talking to about our local
public library? about how the children’s
section was literally half empty-
row upon row of empty shelves
where children’s books should’ve been?
(the locals know what i’m talking about)

a hurting library makes me feel like
i have a wounded lover
(wait, a minute, i do have a wounded lover;
maybe i’ve taken this analogy too far)

anyway, i need to eat my words.

thanks to an invigorated library staff
(two new hires at least),
they spent august going through the
existing collection, weeding out books,
reorganizing the space physically,

when we went in yesterday,
we (happily) didn’t know where to begin.

all of the shelves are full.

the books are in glorious order.
the seasonal/holiday books have been given
prime real estate and
they’ve put loads of award winners
(with noticeable wear, but still very usable)
in a ‘sale’ area and we were able to
bring a few home for mere pennies;
a win-win for everyone.

what a liter-ari-lly happy day.

the moonwalk is evidently more fun if you
get to ride it up & down (inflating/deflating)
if miss tracy can find the on/off button, that is

backyard battle

September 20th, 2007

four kids
in full dress-up gear
(power rangers masks, capes for all & improvised tinkertoy swords)
in the back yard right now
savoring the sweet minutes before school

and the boys are putting words
in everyone’s mouths
“say, ‘power to the green ranger!’ ”
“say, ‘supermega battle robot!’ “

the girls are loving being
a part of the SuperTeam
so they’ll enthusiastically say anything right now

this past week has felt hard to me.

i was waiting to write until
i had something optimistic to report.

dr’s visit today:
dr. chabot said that cory should really start
to regain strength in the next three weeks.

and affirmed that his current status is in the
‘acceptable’ realm.
though his fevers & symptoms give
concern for infection, that the risk
for major infection is already past,
so we’ll just keep an eye on this.

he’s down another 10lbs since
leaving the hospital.
(i think this brings a grand total of
-46 since the onset of this thing;
we’ll need to have new photos taken
for his modeling portfolio)

he enjoyed 4 hrs at work today.
i think it’s good mentally for him.
but between the dr’s office & work,
he took 6 trains today
which makes me uneasy;
a gust of wind could blow this boy over.

i’m ready to move past this tedious phase &
feel like we’re really in recoverymode.

please pray that i will persevere in
the Lord’s strength,
that discouragement will not have a
place in my heart &
that the children will continue to
be patient, as well.


jack & jill-ish

September 19th, 2007

mental snapshot of this morning:
caroline, betsy, luke, annie, peter & john
rolling tumblebumble down the
lazy green slopes
at wave hill,
laughing, laughing

a blissful morning.

cory went to work for 3ish hours mon & tues,
had an appt with his surgeon today &
is back at work now
(i haven’t yet heard how the dr’s visit was)

his days end early in this recovery season
but last night was an all time record as we turned
out the last light & were under the covers at

oh, my.
come on, strength gain!
come on, his-old-self!

my heart is on a plane to colorado

September 14th, 2007

hooray for mom & dad;
we’ll miss you and we love you.

(and ryan & paula are on an almost-simultaneous
flight to vancouver on holiday; happy vacation)

we four had to play candlelight-dominoes in the
backyard without m&d tonight.
after so many weeks of playing games with them
almost every single night, it felt really lonely to me.
happy, but missing their laughter.
they can get the boys howling. h o w l i n g.

c’s fever broke yesterday afternoon
and hasn’t returned today.
and he was upright most of today and
even came to the park with us.

thanks for your helpful offers re: crack-of-dawn-soccer.
caroline will watch cartoons with jane tomorrow morning,
i’ll put betsy down for a morning nap which cory can ‘cover’
nathan, henry and i will have a happy soccer morning.

good night, friends.

ps – (missy & any other squeamish friends, avert your eyes)
c’s color is still off.
is it just sick-pale?
hope it’s nothing more than that.
nothing to do with the 1/2 full bag o’ poison
they left to drain into his stomach, right?
(did we mention they didn’t empty it completely,
but left half of it to push its way out ‘naturally’?
seriously gross in my book.)

pps – you know cory’s going to call me
sappy sapperson for this post.
i can take the heat.

September 13th, 2007

between you & me,
i just don’t see much (any?) progression
in c’s recovery this week.

we’ll ring the doctor this morning,
but he’s been running a fever
off and on since sunday (today is thurs),
his pain is still surprisingly present & consistent,
and when he walks, it’s tip-toey and bent over.

(caroline was working on the letter c
yesterday and we decided that daddy
resembled a c-shape.
it seemed funny then.)

the initial look of things had
me incredibly hopeful for a
‘speedy’ or even ‘steady’


you know what i’m thinking:
mom & dad fly home tomorrow.

their help has been incredible.
cannot be understated.
they have outdone themselves (as usual)
with kindness, laughter, and care in every sense.

so do pray that i can do this without them.
and by this i mean helping cory + the 4-kid-circus-act.
(for ex: soccer at 8:30am on sat.
do i drag everyone with me to the north meadow?)

but he said to me,
“My grace is sufficient for you,
for my power is made perfect in weakness.”
II cor 12:9

i look forward to a ‘perfect’ weekend, then.

(n & h are off school thurs & fri
due to rosh hashanah,
a 4-day wknd)